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ColorSync 2.0

Q: I'm using the CMOpenProfile() second argument (ColorSync2, seed #2), and I get a -4205 error when I attempt to open a profile. I currently fill the type field in the data structure CMProfileLocation with 0, but I don't know if this is correct. What is the item named type for?

A: The second argument of the CMProfileLocation structure is a union of different types (corresponding to where a profile can be located) and a short field that allows you to determine which union field to use. In most cases, a ColorSync profile is stored in a disk file whose location your application provides using a data structure of type CMProfileLocation, which is described in "File Specification for File-Based Profiles" on page 1-19 of the Draft Documentation for Inside Macintosh: ColorSync.

You can specify this type of profile location with the CMOpenProfile, CMNewProfile, CMCopyProfile, and CMNewLinkProfile functions. This is a relocatable, memory-based profile, and the CMProfLoc union holds a handle to it in a structure of type CMHandleLocation. For a description of the CMHandleLocation type definition, see "Pointer Specification for Memory-Based

Profile" on page 1-20 of Inside Macintosh: ColorSync. You can specify this type of profile location only with the CMOpenProfile function.

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1995-05-01Explains CMProfileLocation's second argument, where a ColorSync profile is, and the type of a profile location.

Posted: 1995-05-01

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