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-27835 Error at GXFinishPage

Q: My application returns the following error code -27835 at GXFinishPage. This only happens with Metrowerks' C/C++ 68K 1.2.1 compiler. I do not get the error with Metrowerks' PPC native compiler or with Symantec's C++ 7.0.3. With these compilers, I can print normally and can create PDD files. What would cause this?

A: It's unlikely that the compiler is the cause of the problem. The -27835 error code means "invalid viewport reference," which implies that QuickDraw GX is losing its viewport while printing. These are some possible causes for this problem:

  • Your application is disposing of the viewport.
  • You're running out of memory, which causes QuickDraw GX to accidentally dispose of the viewPort when it is trying to clean up the GX heap.
  • Something is corrupting the QuickDraw GX heap.

[Aug 01 1995]

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