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Inconsistencies, LaserWriter 'xdtl', adding a padByte

Important for all Apple Printing and Graphics Developers:

The information in this Technical Q & A is still relevant up to and including Mac OS 7.6 with QuickDraw GX 1.1.5. Beginning with the release of Mac OS 8.0, however, Apple plans to deliver a system which incorporates QuickDraw GX graphics and typography only. QuickDraw GX printer drivers and GX printing extensions will not be supported in Mac OS 8.0 or in future Mac OS releases. Apple's goal is to simplify the user experience of printing by unifying the Macintosh graphic and printing architectures and standardizing on the classic Printing Manager.

For details on Apple's official announcement, refer to </dev/technotes/gxchange.html>

Q: I see that you have addressed the inconsistency between the declaration of the flipping collections and their use in the LaserWriter's xdtl stuff by adding a padByte. However, there are a few other single-Boolean collection types which don't have padBytes (e.g., gxInvertPageInfo). Shouldn't these have padBytes also to avoid future problems?

A: We went through the interface files and took a close look at all of the single-Boolean collection types. We only added the padBytes to items which seemed to require it. If single-Boolean collection types were working without any problems, we left them alone (i.e., didn't add the padBytes). The invert item was fixed in GX v1.1. f1c1. Other Boolean items are not currently an issue, because the LaserWriter GX driver doesn't use them. We're trying to keep the interface files as "pure" as possible.

[May 01 1995]

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