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Using OpenTransport With CFM-68K

Q: How do I use Open Transport with CFM-68K?

A: Prior to Open Transport 1.3, there was no supported way of calling Open Transport from CFM-68K code. With the introduction of Open Transport 1.3, it is now possible to call the Open Transport client interface from CFM-68K code. The Open Transport 1.3 SDK includes stub libraries and a document, "Open Tpt CFM68K Dev. Note", which explains Open Transport's support for CFM-68K.

Note that the only way to get Open Transport 1.3 is to install Mac OS 8.1. Open Transport 1.3 is not available as a standalone installer for older systems.

Building Open Transport plug-ins using CFM-68K is not currently supported, nor is it likely to be supported. ASLM is your only alternative for building 68K plug-ins.

[May 04 1998]

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