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Undefined Routines with PPCLink?

Q: I'm trying to use Open Transport from Symantec C++ using PPCLink but it complains that a bunch of routines (InitOpenTransportPriv, OTExitPatchPriv, etc) are undefined. What's going on?

A: Using SPM 8.0.3 and PPCLink 1.3 from ETO 19, the following things had to be done to get SPM to link an Open Transport program using the external linker:

  1. Add "-outputformat xcoff" to your PPCLink settings. This forces PPCLink to generate an XCOFF file instead of a PEF application.
  2. Use the "PPCRuntime.o" from the MPW Libraries folder instead of the default one provided by SPM. Do this by removing "PPCRuntime.o" from your project and then adding in the one from ":MPW:Libraries:PPCLibraries:".
  3. Add the "OpenTransportAppPPC.o" file to your project in the usual manner.
  4. Add the "OpenTransportLib" file to your project by adding it to the PPCLink settings text field. Simply add the path to the library, enclosed in single quotes. For example...
'Guy Smiley:Open Transport:Open Transport SDK:Open Tpt Client Developer:PPC Libraries:OpenTransportLib'

The single quotes are important!

For statically linked libraries SPM automatically generates the appropriate arguments for PPCLink, but for shared libraries you have to do it by hand.

Note that you will also have to supply the "-weaklib OpenTransportLib" if you want to import the library weakly.

[May 14 1996]

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