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Server Endpoint 'qlen' Limit

Q: I'm writing an Open Transport server product and will be implementing handoff endpoints. What is the maximum 'qlen' value that limits the number of handoff endpoints that can be implemented?

A: There is a maximum 'qlen' value for each protocol, but maximum values which are true today for Open Transport may change in the future, so I recommend that you set the 'qlen' value to a desired value. If the desired value is greater than the number of handoff endpoints that the underlying protocol can support, the protocol can specify its own maximum 'qlen' value for the server endpoint. After making the OTBind call, take a look at the 'qlen' field of the TBind structure, retAddr, to see whether the protocol imposed a limit on the 'qlen' value.

[Aug 21 1996]

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