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Setting request headers in URL Access

Q: Why do transfers fail using URL Access when I use kURLHTTPRequestHeader to set the header?

A: Due to a bug in URL Access (r. 2644424) on Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS X 10.0.4, trying to set the entire header for a transfer by using kURLHTTPRequestHeader will cause duplicate headers, and the transfer will most likely fail. This bug was fixed in Mac OS X 10.1, but to workaround the problem in older versions of Mac OS, simply use the other URL Access constants to set the individual components of the header instead of trying to set the entire header at once. The other constants being...

kURLHTTPRequestMethod - examples are 'GET' or 'POST'.
kURLHTTPUserAgent - your desired user agent string.
kURLHTTPRequestHeader - the remaining content of your header.

[Sep 10 2002]

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