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GrayShare Software Update

Q: What are the key features of the Grayshare Software Update?

A: The key features of this Update include:

  1. Printer Sharing so you can easily share your StyleWriter or Personal LaserWriter LS in a diverse network environment consisting of LocalTalk, EtherTalk and TokenTalk.
  2. GrayScale printing for high-quality images.
  3. New driver architecture for more efficient printing.
  4. Broad-range support: this driver upgrade supports five printers, the StyleWriter, StyleWriter II, Personal LaserWriter LS, LaserWriter Select 300, and the Personal LaserWriter 300.

The GrayShare Software Update disk contains:

  • Chooser (7.3)
  • LaserWriter 300 (1.2)
  • Printer Share (1.1)
  • StyleWriter II (1.2)
  • Read Me file

Here are the versions of the software a customer needs:

  • StyleWriter II (1.2) - For StyleWriter and owners.
  • LaserWriter 300 (1.2) - For the LaserWriter Select 300, Personal LaserWriter 300, and Personal LaserWriter LS.
  • Printer Share (1.1) - If you are using Printer Share 1.0, or have a StyleWriter or LaserWriter LS.

How to get the software:

The GrayShare Software Update is available here.

[Dec 07 1995]

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