Leopard Reference Library
Hardware & Drivers Frameworks lists reference documents for the frameworks located in the System/Library/Frameworks folder that are most relevant to developers creating or working with device drivers. Click a link below to find reference material for a particular framework.

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I/O Kit Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the I/O Kit classes that support non-kernel access to I/O Kit objects through the device-interface mechanism.
Kernel Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the APIs and classes (including I/O Kit families) that support kernel-resident device drivers.
Bluetooth Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the C and Objective-C APIs that support user-space access to Bluetooth devices.
Bluetooth User Interface Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the C and Objective-C APIs that provide a consistent user interface to Bluetooth services.
Disk Arbitration Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes Disc Arbitration API, which includes information on mount/unmount notification and dissent.
FireWire Audio User Library Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the API that supports user-space access to FireWire audio devices and enables the creation of virtual FireWire audio devices.
Force Feedback Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the public interfaces to the Force Feedback implementation in Mac OS X, including support for plug-ins.