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Leopard Technical Notes
Darwin is the UNIX technology-based foundation of Mac OS X. Darwin integrates several technologies. Among the most important are 4.4BSD-based operating-system services (built on the Mach 3.0 microkernel), the I/O Kit, networking facilities, and support for multiple integrated file systems. Developers can use Darwin to port UNIX/Linux applications and create kernel extensions.

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Darwin.   Essential information for developers working in the Darwin environment.   C and Objective-C API references organized by framework.
Darwin Topics
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Low-level interfaces for obtaining information about files and directories.   Open source programming interfaces that support access to devices.   The most fundamental layer of the Mac OS X operating system.

Open source technologies, including Darwin, WebCore, and Streaming Server.   Resources for measuring, evaluating, and improving Darwin code performance.   Guidance in adapting low-level code and drivers to the Darwin platform.

Low-level facilities to help programs manage their scheduling and execution.   Security-related programming techniques for the lowest level of Mac OS X.   Open source developer tools such as GCC and GDB.

View legacy documents, including technologies, features, products, APIs, and programming techniques that are no longer supported or have been superseded.