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Leopard Technical Notes: Hardware & Drivers
ATA/ATAPI-5 is a standard that defines the configuration of master and slave devices, and PIO and DMA data transfer modes. In Mac OS X, ATA and ATAPI devices are fully supported. In addition, the I/O Kit provides developers with the resources to support different or extended functionality in ATAPI mass storage devices.

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Building Universal I/O Kit Drivers (HTML)
TN2163: How to build a universal I/O Kit kernel driver while avoiding common pitfalls.
Understanding and Debugging Kernel Panics (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
TN2063: Addresses kernel panics: what they are and how to debug the code that caused the panic.
CD-ROM Driver Calls (HTML)
Deprecated - DV22: Discusses public interface to Apple CD-ROM driver and supersedes information in AppleCD SC Developer's Guide.
ATA Interface Modules (HTML)
TN1192: Describes how to write device drivers for ATA host bus controllers, ie. ATA Interface Module.