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Leopard Technical Notes: Hardware & Drivers
Mass storage devices run the gamut from the fastest read/write peripheral disk drives to sequential-access tape drives. Mac OS X provides a layered mass storage driver stack that has built-in support for common industry-standard devices. Developers can use the BSD interface and I/O Kit APIs to access storage devices and their media at different layers of the stack.

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Building Universal I/O Kit Drivers (HTML)
TN2163: How to build a universal I/O Kit kernel driver while avoiding common pitfalls.
Understanding and Debugging Kernel Panics (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
TN2063: Addresses kernel panics: what they are and how to debug the code that caused the panic.
Multipathing with FibreChannel on Mac OS X (HTML)
TN2173: An explanation on how FibreChannel multipathing works on Mac OS X and how to design storage hardware to take advantage of it
Secrets of the GPT (HTML)
TN2166: Describes the new partition map format used by Intel-based Macintosh computers.
CD-ROM Driver Calls (HTML)
Deprecated - DV22: Discusses public interface to Apple CD-ROM driver and supersedes information in AppleCD SC Developer's Guide.
Boot Blocks (HTML)
Deprecated - DV03: Warns that Boot Block form and function will change and describes undocumented Boot Blocks features.