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Macintosh 21" Color Display Technical Specifications


This Technical Note presents the technical specifications for the Macintosh 21" Color Display with the objective of allowing display board and accelerator board manufacturers to ensure compatibility with this monitor.

[Oct 01 1992]

Input Connector

The video and synchronization input signals are supplied via a D series size-3 shell with three internal coaxial connectors. The connector at the monitor has ten socket contacts and three coaxial receptacles (male center pin), as shown. The shell is Dartech type FM-13W3S or equivalent. The coaxial receptacles are Dartech type FME1S or equivalent.

Input Connector

The center conductor of A3 is red video and the outer conductor is red video return. The center conductor of A2 is green video and the outer conductor is green video return. The center conductor of A1 is blue video and the outer conductor is blue video return.

Sense 0, Sense 1, and Sense 2 (pins 9, 8, and 3) will be shorted to Sense ground (pin 4) in the monitor, producing the sense line code 000.

The following lines will be connected together through low impedances at the CPU side: Sense ground, Shell ground, the outer conductors of A1, A2, and A3, and the returns of Hsync, Vsync, and Csync.

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Input Signal Timing

Signal Timing


Macintosh 21" Color Display Owner's Guide

Designing Cards and Drivers for the Macintosh Family, Third Edition

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