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Inside Macintosh: PowerPC System Software Errata


This Technical Note discusses known errors and omissions in Inside Macintosh: PowerPC System Software.

[Oct 01 1994]


  • Correction to Discussion of Routine Descriptors October 1994
  • Correction to Figure 1-2 October 1994
  • Clarification of MakePEF October 1994
  • Correction to Listing 3-6 October 1994
  • Clarification of GetDiskFragment Description October 1994
  • Correction to FindSymbol Symbol Classes October 1994
  • Correction to Description of GetIndSymbol October 1994

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to PowerPC System Software

Correction to Discussion of Routine Descriptors

Page 1-17, Routine Descriptors

The last paragraph on this page mentions "the value passed in the gActionProc parameter". This is a typographical error. The correct description should be "the value passed in the myActionProc parameter."

Correction to Figure 1-2

Page 1-24, Imports and Exports

Figure 1-2 contains an incorrect label." Exit to Shell" should be "ExitToShell."

Clarification of MakePEF

Page 1-26, Imports and Exports; page 1-38, Executable Resources

The MPW tool MakePEF might be replaced by other equivalent tools in future releases of the Macintosh on RISC development tools.

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Chapter 3 - Code Fragment Manager

Correction to Listing 3-6

Page 3-14, Getting Information About Exported Symbols

The index used in a call to GetIndSymbol is zero-based, not one-based. As a result, the for statement in Listing 3-6 should be as follows:

for (myIndex = 0; myIndex < myCount; myIndex++)

Clarification of GetDiskFragment Description

Page 3-19, 3-31

The constant kWholeFork (documented as a possible value for the length parameter to GetDiskFragment) and all the Rez constants listed on pages 3-30 through 3-31 are defined in the MPW interface file CodeFragmentTypes.r. To use the constant kWholeFork in C source files, you should define it to be 0.

Correction to FindSymbol Symbol Classes

Page 3-25, 3-32

The symbol class constants returned by FindSymbol are listed incorrectly. The correct constants should be kCodeSym,kDataSym, and kTVectSym.

Correction to Description of GetIndSymbol

Page 3-26

The index used in a call to GetIndSymbol is zero-based, not one-based. As a result, the description of the symIndex parameter should be as follows:

A symbol index. The value of this parameter should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than the value returned by the CountSymbols function.

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