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[Sep 01 1993]

Gestalt selector for Text Services Manager

Is there a Gestalt selector for the Text Services Manager (TSM)? (I did try to look in the documentation and sample code, but wasn't able to locate it. The only thing I found so far was that sample code tests for Apple events and assumes that TSM is available.)


The Gestalt selector for TSM isn't yet published in the regular MPW interfaces. To check for availability of TSM, you can use the following code:

#define  gestaltTSMgrVersion  'tsmv'

     tsmVersion = 0;
     tsmErr = Gestalt(gestaltTSMgrVersion, &tsmVersion);
         /* If gestaltUnknownErr or gestaltUndefSelectorErr was returned in tsmErr,

As suggested by the symbolic names, Gestalt (if successful) returns the version number in tsmVersion.

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