The "packages" node in the device tree

Q: What is the "packages" node in the device tree?

A: This node has children, and instead of describing a device, it describes the various support packages that devices can use. Remember that the device tree is an object-oriented structure and children inherit their parent's functionality. Here is a property dump of that node on a G3. Note that a support node does not require a unit-address as part of its node name.

0 > dev /packages pwd ls /packages
ff833470: /deblocker
ff833c38: /disk-label
ff834468: /obp-tftp
ff838468: /mac-parts
ff839098: /mac-files
ff83b708: /hfs-plus-files
ff83fa60: /fat-files
ff841388: /iso-9660-files
ff841df0: /bootinfo-loader
ff843758: /xcoff-loader
ff843ff8: /pe-loader
ff844768: /elf-loader
ff8459a8: /usb-hid-class
ff847278: /ata-disk
ff848410: /atapi-disk
ff8499d8: /bootpath-search
ff84e638: /terminal-emulator
0 >

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Posted: 2006-02-22

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