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SSL and Applet Caching in MRJ 2.2

Q: I have been told MRJ 2.2 has support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Applet Caching. What are the details and how can I take advantage of these features?

A: MRJ 2.2 relies on a Java-enabled browser to provide SSL and applet caching support. In order to make these features available to MRJ the browser must implement specific interfaces. Currently Microsoft Internet 5.0 provides MRJ with these interfaces and fully enables SSL and apple caching. Additionally, Apple is working closely with other browser vendors, such as Netscape, iCab, among others, to provide seamless integration of these technologies and support for MRJ.

When an enabled browser is used in conjunction with MRJ 2.2, applet caching and SSL support is automatic. Previous versions of MRJ do not have this functionality. Versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer prior to 5.0 also do not have these capabilities.

[Feb 02 2000]

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