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Setting environment variables for user processes

Q: How do I set environment for all processes launched by a specific user?

A: It is actually fairly simple process to set environment variables for processes launched by a specific user.

There is a special environment file which loginwindow searches for each time a user logs in. The environment file is: ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist (be careful it's case sensitive). Where '~' is the home directory of the user we are interested in. You will have to create the .MacOSX directory yourself using terminal (by typing mkdir .MacOSX). You will also have to create the environment file yourself. The environment file is actually in XML/plist format (make sure to add the .plist extension to the end of the filename or this won't work). An example environment file is shown below. The file was created using /Developer/Applications/

Here the environment variables TestEnvironmentVariable and MrX are set to /My/Value and 1 respectively, every time that specific user logs in. You can add more environment variables by adding new siblings to the property list using the 'New Siblings' button shown above.

Note that the key class must be string. If any other class is used the key will not be recognized by loginwindow. You can confirm the environment variables have been set as expected by typing setenv into terminal.

Additional Note: On early builds of OSX (specifically 10.0.4 and earlier) the file used was
~/.OpenStep/environment instead of ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist. (note that the .plist extension is missing on 10.0.4 and earlier). The answer to your next question is: Yes, this is a relic left over from OpenStep/NextStep.

[Oct 25 2001]

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