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Tioga PostScript Printing Plugins in Mac OS X 10.2

Q: Why doesn't my Tioga Printer Module get called in Mac OS X version 10.2 and later?

A: With the addition of the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) spooling architecture in Mac OS X version 10.2, all PostScript printing goes through the CUPS filter chain rather than using the older Tioga-based Printer Modules (PMs) and I/O Modules (IOMs). If you need to filter PostScript, you'll need to write a CUPS filter instead of the Tioga modules.

Note that in Mac OS X version 10.2, the Tioga Printer Browser Modules (PBMs) and Print Dialog Extensions (PDEs) are still supported for both PostScript and raster printers. Tioga PMs and IOMs are still supported for raster printers.

[Jul 14, 2003]

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