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The dreaded "incompatible flag -framework" error

Q: When I try building my KEXT, why do I get an "incompatible flag -framework" error?

A: You may see an error similar to the one shown in Listing 1 if you've included the Kernel.framework, or any other framework, in your project.

incompatible flag -framework used (must specify "-dynamic" to be used)

Listing 1. compiler error.

The Kernel.framework isn't really a framework in the traditional sense. It's actually just a container of header files that a kernel extension has access to. There's no need to link against it in your project. To eliminate the error message, simply uncheck the circle to the left of the framework inside Project Builder.

This way, you can continue to keep the Kernel.framework in your project for quick access to header files, and the compiler won't try to link against it.

[Dec 05 2001]

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