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Adding dependencies with kmodload

Q: When using kmodload, why do I get a "Can't find superclass" error?

A: You may see an error similar to Listing 1 if your KEXT uses classes from other I/O Kit families.

kmodload: Can't find superclass for _13AppleUSBMouse : _12IOHIPointing

Listing 1. kmodload error

This error can be eliminated by specifying your dependencies using the -d option. For example...

kmodload -o AppleUSBMouse.sym -d IOHIDSystem.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOHIDSystem

If you depend on more than one I/O Kit family, use multiple -d arguments, one for each family. Remember, you should only use kmodload when creating symbol files for use with 2-machine debugging. Otherwise, use kextload.

[Dec 05 2001]

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