Dynamically registering a bundled component

Q: I have a QuickTime Component located in my Application bundle which I would like to register dynamically.

Using CFBundle APIs, I can find my component bundle, get its resource map then call RegisterComponentResourceFile. While this seems to work as expected, calling OpenAComponent returns a paramErr.

Is there another way to dynamically register a component which resides in an application bundle?

A: You can use the Mac OS X APIs RegisterComponentFileRef or RegisterComponentFileRefEntries. These APIs allow you to register a file system reference. The Component Manager will correctly register the reference regardless of whether the Component is a Mach-O bundle, standard resource fork based CFM component, CFM bundle, or packaged bundle.

The RegisterComponentFileRefEntries API allows you to specify a component description which is used to register selective components.

These APIs are declared in Components.h, part of the CoreServices.framework.

Listing 1: Registering a bundled component.

OSErr RegisterMyBundledComponent(void)
    CFBundleRef mainBundleRef = NULL;
    CFURLRef    resourceURLRef = NULL;
    FSRef       resourceFSRef;
    OSErr       err = paramErr;

    // get the application's main bundle
    mainBundleRef = CFBundleGetMainBundle();

    if (NULL != mainBundleRef) {
        // return the location of a resource
        // contained in the specified bundle
        resourceURLRef = CFBundleCopyResourceURL(mainBundleRef,
                                                 CFSTR("component"), 0);

        if (NULL != resourceURLRef) {
            // convert the url to an FSRef
           if (CFURLGetFSRef(resourceURLRef, &resourceFSRef) == true) {
                // register the component
                // the component manager will "do the right thing"
                // regardless of how the component was built
                // passing false for the second parameter registers the
                // component locally
                err = RegisterComponentFileRef(&resourceFSRef, false);


    return err;

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