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How can I add the ability to read and write Keynote 2 documents to my application?

Q: How can I add the ability to read and write Keynote 2 documents to my application?

A: Keynote 2 introduced several new features, and with them, a significantly expanded and revised document file format. Existing applications which read and write the Keynote 1.x file format will need to be updated to read and write the new format.

Although the complete XML schema for Keynote is not available and will not be made public, the "iWork Programming Guide" (which covers Keynote and Pages) provides details on the new file format. This programming guide is available in the Developer Reference Library under Apple Applications > Keynote.

Note: Keynote 2 will read existing Keynote 1.x files, so you can continue creating documents in the older file format programmatically from your application. The original file will be converted to the new format and overwritten when it is saved from within Keynote 2. However, Apple strongly recommends you do not continue creating Keynote 1.x files unless you are targeting Keynote 1.x users. You should create Keynote 2.x files for Keynote 2.x users.

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Date Notes
2005-09-13 Updated to reflect publication of the iWork Programming Guide.
2005-03-22 Describes where to find information about the Keynote 2 file format.

Posted: 2005-09-13

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