Kernel's MAC framework

Q: Why isn't the kernel's MAC framework documented?

A: The kernel's MAC (Mandatory Access Control) framework is not supported for third party development on current systems. The headers were mistakenly included in the Kernel framework installed by the Mac OS X 10.5 SDK (r. 5645458).

Specifically, the functionality in the following headers files is not considered to be a supported Kernel Programming Interface (KPI).

  • <security/_label.h>

  • <security/mac.h>

  • <security/mac_alloc.h>

  • <security/mac_data.h>

  • <security/mac_framework.h>

  • <security/mac_internal.h>

  • <security/mac_mach_internal.h>

  • <security/mac_policy.h>

WARNING: If you use the MAC framework as it currently stands, your product may break in a future release of Mac OS X.

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