Multithreaded usage of the QCRenderer

Q: My application uses the QCRenderer to render Quartz Compositions on multiple threads. Is there anything I should know in order to ensure correct operation?

A: When using the QCRenderer in a multithreaded application, you should always ensure that any renderers you create are also used on the same thread that they are created on. If you fail to do so, then you will find that some content (such as Quicktime Movies) may not render correctly or at all, and you will find that your application's memory usage will increase slowly for each QCRenderer you create and use on different threads.

Note: If your application appears to be leaking memory, you should ensure you are following the memory management rules described in the Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa. For help tracking down leaks in your application, see the Instruments User Guide specifically Memory subsection of the chapter on Built-in Instruments.

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