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Printing, Forward and Reverse Line Feeds

Q: What are the possible number-type values for the forward and reverse line feeds?

A: These are the values:

Name Value

rasterNumNone		0

Only the prefix and postfix strings are sent to the device, not the number itself.

rasterNumDirect		1

This pads the number to minwidth (minwidth is a field in the ropt struct) bytes by appending 0s to the front of the number, and then puts the hex data into the stream.

rasterNumToAscii	2

This is similar to rasterNumDirect (above), except the number is converted to ASCII and then front-padded with the pad character specified to make it minwidth characters long. For example, the ImageWriter requires four-digit numbers, so minwidth would be set to four, the padchar would be 0, and this attribute would be set.

[May 01 1995]

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