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ATSUI and MLTE Printing

Q: I'm writing a printer driver. Why doesn't text drawn using ATSUI (ATSUDrawText, for example) or MLTE (TXNDrawUnicodeTextBox, for example) show up using my driver when it does show up using other printer drivers? I've replaced all of the QuickDraw bottlenecks with my own code but none of my bottlenecks are getting called to draw the text.

A: ATSUI and MLTE rely on a low level flag to indicate whether or not to use the StdPix QuickDraw bottleneck. If you are currently printing then they use the bottleneck. To indicate to MLTE and ATSUI that you are printing, use the macros shown in listing 1.

 Listing 1. Macros for turning on and off the printing flag used by ATSUI and MLTE.

    #define setPrinting() {*((short *)0x948) = 0;}
    #define clearPrinting() {*((short *)0x948) = -1;}

[Nov 08 2000]

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