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Xcode is Apple's tool suite and integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Mac OS X software. The IDE provides a powerful user interface to many industry-standard and open-source tools, including GCC, javac, jikes, and GDB. Xcode is designed to fully support the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks and Java. It contains templates for creating applications, frameworks, libraries, plug-ins, Java applications and applets, and command-line tools. Developers can use Xcode to edit and manage source code, test code performance, and perform many other common development tasks.

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Xcode Build Setting Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the build settings used in the Xcode build system to compile source code and produce binary files.
Xcode User Default Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the user defaults developers can use to customize Xcode behavior.
CPlusTest Reference (HTML)
Describes the CPlusTest framework, which provides an API for creating unit tests for C and C++ code.