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Leopard Reference Library: Carbon
Apple provides Carbon developers with tools, documentation, and other resources to prepare products to run optimally on Intel-based Macintosh computers.

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Going Universal: Audio Developers Catch the Wave (HTML)
Learn how audio developers who built universal binaries of their applications are reaping the benefits.
Articles 2006-07-18
Scoping Your Transition Projects (HTML)
Learn how to transition to Intel-based Macs.
Articles 2005-09-27
Adopting Universal Binaries on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn about universal binaries and how to get your applications ready for Intel-based Macs.
Articles 2005-08-26
Mac OS X ABI Function Call Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the function-calling conventions used in the architectures supported by Mac OS X.
Guides 2009-02-04
Universal Binary Programming Guidelines, Second Edition (HTML) (PDF)
Conceptual information and tips for writing code that runs on PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macintosh computers.
Guides 2009-02-04
Porting CodeWarrior Projects to Xcode (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to move software projects from CodeWarrior to Xcode and compares the two development environments.
Guides 2006-10-26
GCC Porting Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Provides guidance on how to migrate projects to new GCC releases.
Guides 2006-10-03
AltiVec/SSE Migration Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to convert PowerPC AltiVec code to Intel SSE code.
Guides 2005-09-08
GNU C/C++/Objective-C 4.0.1 Compiler User Guide (HTML)
Describes the Apple version of the GNU 4.0.1 compiler.
Reference 2007-10-31
Core Endian Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the C API for creating and installing callbacks to byte swap custom data.
Reference 2007-05-29
Byte-Order Utilities Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes Core Foundation byte-order functions.
Reference 2006-05-23