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Leopard Reference Library
Mac OS X includes a number of open source technologies. These include a number of command-line tools, various servers such as Apache, the X11 graphical environment, several widget toolkits like wxWidgets and Tcl/Tk, and a number of programming languages like Perl and PHP. Developers can leverage these technologies to improve their user experience, reduce development time, and develop and deploy powerful web-based, command-line, and graphical applications.

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to open source.   Essential information about open source technologies.   API references organized by framework.
Open Source Topics
Open source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, and SQLite.   Resources for scientific and high-performance computing.   Web programming technologies in Mac OS X.

Open source technologies provided by Mac OS X Server.   Low-level open source networking and communication technologies.   Porting information related to open source software development for Mac OS X.

Open source printing technologies in Mac OS X.   Scripting languages, including PHP, Perl, Python, and shell scripts.   Open source security technologies in Mac OS X.

System administration support for Mac OS X using open source technologies.   Open source developer tools, including GCC and GDB.