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Leopard Reference Library
Storage devices include disk drives, tape drives, RAID arrays, and Storage Area Network (SAN) file systems. Mac OS X handles storage devices using a stack of drivers, each of which supports some aspect of communication. Developers can use the BSD interface and the I/O Kit to access storage devices. Administrators can use Xsan to aggregate networks of storage devices and to configure 64-bit cluster file systems.

Essential information for developers manipulating file systems in Mac OS X.  
Storage Topics
Solutions such as Xsan, which offers high-performance network storage.   Data storage devices, including those that mount file systems or are bootable.   Xsan, which provides high-speed access to expandable storage.

High-capacity storage using Xserve RAID arrays and Xsan file systems.   Facilities for measuring, evaluating, and improving storage device performance.   Tools and applications for Mac OS X Server storage management.

Tools for configuring and managing storage in a Mac OS X Server environment.