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Leopard Reference Library: User Experience
The Human Interface Device (HID) class is one of several device classes that the USB standard describes. In Mac OS X, the HID Manager supports access to HID-class devices, such as joysticks and non-Apple displays. For access to devices that provide tactile sensation to the user, the Force Feedback framework defines a programming interface that is functionally similar to Microsoft's DirectInput API.

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Retain Counts of io_object_t Objects in IOKit.framework (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
QA1195: Distinguishes between the retain counts of an I/O Kit kernel object and its io_object_t user space proxy.
Technical Q&As 2008-09-24
HID LED test tool (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
HID Manager sample project that shows how to set and clear keyboard LEDs.
Sample Code 2008-07-25
HID Calibrator (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Human Interface Device Manager Calibrator sample
Sample Code 2008-05-07
HID Config Save (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Human Interface Device Manager Configuration sample
Sample Code 2008-05-07
HID Explorer (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Human Interface Device Manager Explorer
Sample Code 2008-05-07
Force Feedback Framework Reference (HTML)
Describes the public interfaces to the Force Feedback implementation in Mac OS X, including support for plug-ins.
Reference 2008-04-08
New HID Manager APIs for Mac OS X version 10.5 (HTML)
TN2187: Mac OS X version 10.5 introduces new APIs for the HID Manager.
Technical Notes 2008-01-23
SetMouseAcclSample (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Find HID System Manager and get/set cursor acceleration
Sample Code 2006-11-28
HID Utilities Source (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Shows a high level abstract library for the HID manager.
Sample Code 2003-10-06
HID Manager Basics (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Shows basic use of HID Manager for Mac OS X: including device discovery, queues and polling elements.
Sample Code 2003-07-10
Installable Keyboard Layouts (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
TN2056: Explains how to define a Unicode keyboard via an XML text file.
Technical Notes 2002-09-27