Version: 1.0

Posted: 2006-07-25

Build Requirements: Xcode 2.3

Runtime Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4

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Download Sample (“”, 264.3K)
Download Sample (“CarbonCocoaCoreImageTab.dmg”, 321.3K)


CarbonCocoaCoreImageTab demonstrates how to integrate a Cocoa window into an existing Carbon application. In this Carbon-based application, we create a Cocoa-based web window which takes advantage of several Cocoa technologies.

The Cocoa window is a simple tabbed browser which allows you to select CoreImage transition affects when switching tabs. The Tab view is actually a custom view, AnimatingTabView, which is a subclass of NSTabView.

Cocoa bindings are used on the transition style popup menu.

Hold the Shift Key down while switching tabs to see the transition in slow motion.

Document Revision History

Date Notes
2006-07-25Carbon-based application creates a Cocoa-based web window which used CoreImage filters to transition between tabbed WebViews

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