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Version: 1.1

Posted: 2004-11-24

Build Requirements: Xcode

Runtime Requirements: Mac OS X

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Download Sample (“”, 13.8K)
Download Sample (“PlayAudioFileLite.dmg”, 72.4K)


Developers looking for sample code demonstrating playing of audio files should download the Core Audio SDK 1.4.2+.

This sample is NOT recommended.

This small application demonstrates how to play an audio file using the Default Output Audio Unit. It covers usage of Audio Units, Audio Converters, and some Core Audio Data Structures used for holding audio data. This example gives a walk through of how to play an audio file without using the Public Utility C++ wrappers to Core Audio. The purpose of this demonstration is to expose the programmer to some essential Core Audio concepts using Audio Units.

Document Revision History

Date Notes
2004-11-24Added Xcode project.
2004-01-23Demonstrates how to playback an audio file using the Default Output Audio Unit.

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