Version: 1.0.2

Posted: 2005-07-19

Build Requirements: Xcode 2.0+

Runtime Requirements: Mac OS 10.4+, QuickTime 7.0+

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QTCoreImage101 is a cocoa application demonstrating (using very little code) how to render a QuickTime Movie using Core Image filters and the new video pipeline. It is a good place to start for developers looking at Core Image, Core Video and Visual Contexts for the very first time.

In this sample we're using the following framework APIs:

QTKit is used to play back a QuickTime Movie.

QuickTime Visual Context is used as the drawing destination for the QuickTime Movie.

Core Image to add a filter to the video frame.

NSOpenGLView is used as our view, this is where we draw a video frame.

Core Video pipeline:

Movie -> Visual context -> Core Image Filter -> OpenGL rendering ----> Hardware

What is Core Image:

Core Image is an extensible architecture built into Mac OS X v10.4 for near real-time, pixel-accurate image processing of graphics as well as video.

What is Core Video:

Core Video delivers a modern foundation for video services providing a bridge between QuickTime and the GPU for hardware-accelerated video processing. This highly optimized pipeline for video presentation increases performance and reduces CPU load, freeing up resources for other operations.

Document Revision History

Date Notes
2005-07-19Updated to produce a universal binary. No code changes were required.
2005-07-15Now calls QTVisualContextTask while owning lock, overides and adds lock around update
2005-06-30Demonstrates how to render a QuickTime Movie using Core Image filters and the new video pipeline.

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