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Version: 1.0

Posted: 2003-01-14

Build Requirements: N/A

Runtime Requirements: Carbon

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Download Sample (“RAVE_Starter_Samples.zip”, 49.3K)
Download Sample (“RAVE_Starter_Samples.dmg”, 110.7K)


There are three different samples here, each showing a variation on the same theme -- we create a window and do some simple 2D drawing into it. These samples don't show any clipping code or a full featured 3D engine; these will appear in a future sample. These versions were compiled with CodeWarrior Pro 3 and the RAVE 1.5 SDK. For more information, check out TechNote 1125, which covers many issues related to developing RAVE applications. RAVE Common Code -- A few routines are used by multiple samples, so I pulled them out here to have a single code base. They are also routines that are very useful for many RAVE applications. Gouraud Sample -- This creates context on a specific GDevice and draws a single shaded triangle onto it until you click the mouse. Callback Sample -- This is identical to the Gouraud sample, except that it also demonstrates how to implement a compositing callback. Erase callbacks look identical to compositing callbacks, and these are the two most common callbacks games will implement. Texture Sample -- Loads a texture into memory and then draws a textured triangle. Requires: RAVE Keywords: RAVE, Gouraud, compsite, callback, texture, 3D

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