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Leopard Technical Q&As
Carbon is a set of C APIs offering developers an advanced user interface tool kit, event handling, the Quartz 2D graphics library, and multiprocessing support. Developers have access to other C and C++ APIs, including the OpenGL drawing system and the Mach microkernel.

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Carbon.   Essential information for developers using procedural C.   C API references organized by framework.
Carbon Topics
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C APIs for supporting assistive technology applications.   C APIs for interacting with and extending Apple applications.   C APIs for recording, processing, playing, and creating sound content.

A C framework that provides basic software services to Carbon applications.   C APIs for creating and handling the data available to a program.   Principles to consider when designing a Carbon application.

C APIs for handling messages sent to applications by the Mac OS.   C APIs for gaining access to files and folders on storage devices.   C APIs for developing full-featured games for Mac OS X.

C APIs for creating 2D, 3D, and PDF content in Carbon applications.   C APIs for implementing essential user interface elements.   Facilities for data sharing and communication between Carbon programs.

C APIs that ready applications for other locales.   C APIs for developing web content and Internet and web applications.   C APIs for adding networking features to Carbon applications.

Resources for measuring, evaluating, and improving Carbon code performance.   Guidance in adapting Carbon applications to use Apple's newest technologies.   C APIs for imaging content to a PDF document or a printing device.

Facilities that help Carbon programs manage their own scheduling and execution.   C APIs for creating, delivering, and playing multimedia in Carbon applications.   Support for handling system and program resources from within a Carbon application.

Facilities to prepare Carbon code for execution and support it at execution time.   Authentication, authorization, and cryptographic services for Carbon applications.   C APIs for working with text and fonts, and rendering glyphs.

Resources for building Carbon applications and frameworks.   C APIs for creating the look and feel of Carbon applications.  

View legacy documents, including technologies, features, products, APIs, and programming techniques that are no longer supported or have been superseded.