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Internationalization is the process of designing software to accommodate multiple locales and creating user-interface content that is easy to localize. The Cocoa frameworks in Mac OS X do much of the internationalization work of developers for them. Mac OS X services in Carbon, Cocoa, and Core Foundation help developers internationalize their software and manage locales in a consistent manner.

A guided introduction to internationalizing software for Mac OS X.   Essential information for developers designing software for multiple locales.  
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Obtaining the localized application name in Cocoa (HTML)
QA1544: Describes how to obtain several versions of the application name in Cocoa.
Cocoa 2007-09-21
How can I determine the order of the languages set by the user in the Language tab of the International preference pane? (HTML)
QA1391: Retrieving the order of the languages set by the International preference pane in Cocoa, Carbon, and Terminal.
Carbon, Cocoa, Tools 2006-12-19
Converting to Precomposed Unicode (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
QA1235: Describes how to convert a string to precomposed Unicode.
Carbon, Cocoa 2003-02-07
BOM characters in 'utxt' clipboard flavor (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
QA1221: Explains the use of the BOM character in 'utxt' scrap data
Carbon, Cocoa 2003-01-20
Installing input methods on Mac OS X (HTML)
QA1054: Describes how to install and use input methods on Mac OS X.
Carbon 2001-09-14
Improving ATSUI Text Drawing Performance (HTML)
QA1027: Talks about one way of improving ATSUI text drawing performance.
Carbon 2001-04-17