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AppleShare and File-Sharing Limits


This Technical Note describes some machine-dependent limits of current versions of AppleShare file servers (including Macintosh file sharing).

[Oct 01 1988]


The following chart lists some current AppleShare limits that are based upon the chosen server platform and memory configuration. The limits that otherwise might be present on a workstation are still in effect and are not affected by the workstation being logged on to an AppleShare server. These limits will change in the future.

AppleShare File Sharing Limits tables

* The maximum number of users supported by AppleShare version 3.0 can be adjusted with the AppleShare Admin application or with the SCSetSetupInfo AppleShare Server Control call. AppleShare version 3.0 allocates 20 locked ranges per user.

** This is the maximum number of file control blocks (FCBs) allowed by the Macintosh File Manager. The system and any applications running on the server Macintosh (including the file server) will use some of those available FCBs.

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AppleShare File Server Administrator's Guide

Macintosh Technical Note #167, AppleShare Foreground Applications

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