Carbon Framework Reference

This collection of documents provides the API reference for many fundamental user experience features—such as windows, menus, text handling, and event management—used in Carbon applications.

The Carbon framework also includes support for a number of legacy technologies—such as TextEdit and the Event Manager—that have been superseded by newer technologies like Multilingual Text Engine (MLTE) and the Carbon Event Manager.

Header file directories

Manager References

Appearance Manager Reference
Application Manager Reference
Carbon Event Manager Reference
Carbon Help Manager Reference
Color Picker Manager Reference
Control Manager Reference
Dialog Manager Reference
Drag Manager Reference
Event Manager Reference (Deprecated)
Ink Services Reference
Interface Builder Services Reference
Keyboard Layout Services Reference
Keychain Manager Reference
List Manager Reference (Deprecated)
Menu Manager Reference
Navigation Services Reference
Notification Manager Reference
Scrap Manager Reference (Deprecated)
Speech Recognition Manager Reference
Text Services Manager Reference
Text Utilities Reference
Translation Manager Reference
URL Access Manager Reference (Deprecated)
Window Manager Reference

Other References

Apple Help Reference
Carbon Printing Reference
Data Browser Reference
Fonts Panel Reference
HIArchive Reference
HIGeometry Reference
HIObject Reference
HIShape Reference
HIToolbar Reference
HIView Reference
HTML Rendering Library Reference (Deprecated)
Multilingual Text Engine Reference
Open Scripting Architecture Reference
Printing Plug-in Interfaces Reference
TextEdit Reference (Deprecated)



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