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This document is a Mac OS X manual page. Manual pages are a command-line technology for providing documentation. You can view these manual pages locally using the man(1) command. These manual pages come from many different sources, and thus, have a variety of writing styles.

For more information about the manual page format, see the manual page for manpages(5).

apropos(1)                                                                                        apropos(1)

       apropos - search the whatis database for strings

       apropos keyword ...

       apropos  searches  a  set of database files containing short descriptions of system commands for key-words keywords
       words and displays the result on the standard output.

       John W. Eaton was the original author of man.  Zeyd  M.  Ben-Halim  released  man  1.2,  and  Andries
       Brouwer followed up with versions 1.3 thru 1.5p.  Federico Lucifredi <> is the cur-rent current
       rent maintainer.

       whatis(1), man(1).

                                             September 19, 2005                                   apropos(1)

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