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Articles consist of feature stories, essays, and other content that introduce key Apple developer technologies, tools, and topics. Written by some of the top writers and developers on the Mac platform, these short, focused pieces offer a great way to learn what's new and useful on Mac OS X. Whether it's Apple developer tools, the newest Mac OS X APIs, or open source solutions, articles target interesting topics that help get developers started, learn quickly, and improve their products. While mostly focused on technical content, articles also include success stories that take a close look at developers who are using the Mac OS X platform to their advantage. Read these success stories for ideas on how you may be able to benefit from others' success.

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Customizing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard (HTML)
Learn how to enhance your Rails application with views and web forms, AJAX, and iPhone support.
Mac OS X Server, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2008-06-09
Deploying Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard (HTML)
Learn how to deploy your Ruby on Rails application on Mac OS X Leopard Server.
Mac OS X Server, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2008-06-09
Developing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard (HTML)
Learn how to develop your Ruby on Rails application using Xcode 3 and the tools in Leopard.
Mac OS X Server, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2008-06-09
Using Doxygen to Create Xcode Documentation Sets (HTML)
Learn how to integrate your documentation into Xcode.
Darwin, Tools 2008-06-09
Boinx Starts with Sample Code: FotoMagico Is a Powerful Digital Slideshow (HTML)
Starting with Apple sample code, tools and technologies, Boinx wrote FotoMagico in a matter of months.
Cocoa, Graphics & Imaging, QuickTime, Tools, User Experience 2007-12-11
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Graphics & Media Overview (HTML)
Describes Leopard's graphics and media capabilities.
Cocoa, Games, Graphics & Imaging, Performance, QuickTime, Tools 2007-12-11
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Objective-C 2.0 Overview (HTML)
Describes features and capabilities introduced in Objective-C 2.0.
Cocoa, Mac OS X, Tools 2007-12-11
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: OS Foundations (HTML)
Leopard Overview article on system-level updates.
Darwin, Hardware & Drivers, Mac OS X, Networking, Security 2007-09-04
Checkout Lets You 'Get a Mac, Start a Store': Madebysofa Does It with Python and Cocoa (HTML)
Success story on how Mac-only Checkout was built using Python and Cocoa.
Cocoa, Hardware & Drivers, Scripting & Automation 2007-07-10
Using Python with Quartz 2D on Mac OS X (HTML)
New article on using the Python bindings in Mac OS X to access the Quartz 2D graphics API.
Graphics & Imaging, Open Source, Scripting & Automation 2007-07-10
Making the Most of the ADC Reference Library (HTML)
Introduces the ADC Reference Library, its organization, and tools for navigating to the content you need.
Mac OS X 2007-06-26
Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn why Mac OS X is the preferred platform for Ruby on Rails.
Internet & Web, Open Source, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2007-06-06
Transforming a Shell Script into an Automator Action (HTML)
Custom shell script actions let you quickly turn shell, Perl, or Python scripts into Automator actions.
Apple Applications, Mac OS X Server, Scripting & Automation 2007-06-01
Bug Reporting Best Practices (HTML)
Provides information regarding the best means in which to file a bug report.
Tools 2007-05-25
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Broadcast Your Application's Content with iChat Theater (HTML)
Leopard Overview article on using the Instant Messaging framework.
Apple Applications, Cocoa 2007-05-22
Building WingNuts in Xcode with OpenGL: Freeverse Creates a Great Mac-only Game (HTML)
Read how Freeverse created their award-winning Mac-only game, WingNuts 2, using Core Image, Interface Builder, Xcode, and OpenGL.
Games, Graphics & Imaging 2007-05-15
Debugging and Symbolizing Crash Dumps in Xcode (HTML)
Learn to use crash logs to find those difficult bugs.
Tools 2007-04-03
Using the Web Services Core Framework and CFNetwork to Access Remote SOAP Services (HTML)
Learn how to access remote SOAP-based web services that require HTTP Basic or Digest authentication.
Carbon, Cocoa, Internet & Web, Networking 2007-03-07
Enhance Your Dashboard Widgets with Quartz Composer Compositions (HTML)
Learn to create a composition and embed it easily in your widgets.
Apple Applications, Graphics & Imaging, Scripting & Automation 2007-02-13
Kerberos: Highly Secure Single Sign On Authentication in Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how you can take advantage of Kerberos in your application.
Carbon, Cocoa, Darwin, Mac OS X Server, Security 2007-02-05
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Introducing Dashcode (HTML)
Learn how Dashcode makes widget development easier than ever.
Apple Applications, Scripting & Automation, Tools, User Experience 2007-01-09
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Leopard Developer Application Technologies Overview (HTML)
Learn how Leopard will help you create powerful and innovative features for your users.
Carbon, Cocoa 2006-12-07
Using the ImageIO Framework with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (HTML)
Learn to access image data using ImageIO.
Graphics & Imaging 2006-11-27
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Leopard Developer Tools Overview (HTML)
Learn how Leopard developer tools make it easier than ever to create exciting applications.
Carbon, Cocoa, Tools 2006-11-15
Working with the WebKit Nightly Builds (HTML)
Learn how to track changes in the framework that may affect your web-based content or application.
Internet & Web, Open Source 2006-10-31
Automating Development Tasks with Automator and Xcode (HTML)
Learn to streamline daily tasks in your development projects using Automator.
Apple Applications, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2006-08-07
Going Universal: Audio Developers Catch the Wave (HTML)
Learn how audio developers who built universal binaries of their applications are reaping the benefits.
Audio, Carbon, Cocoa, Porting 2006-07-18
Improving Your Software with Xcode andStatic Code Analysis Techniques (HTML)
Learn about static analysis and get started using it with an Xcode project.
Performance, Tools 2006-07-10
Building Customized User Client Drivers for USB Devices (HTML)
Learn how to write the setup code for card readers, bill validators, and other devices.
Hardware & Drivers 2006-06-26
Using the QTKit Framework (HTML)
Learn how the QuickTime Kit works and how to use it in your application.
Cocoa, QuickTime 2006-06-19
Developing Games on Mac OS X Using Third-Party Game Engines (HTML)
Create your own game using the powerful game engines that run on Mac OS X.
Carbon, Cocoa, Games 2006-06-05
Introducing Xcode 2.3 (HTML)
Get an overview of Xcode 2.3.
Tools 2006-05-31
MySQL on Mac OS X: An Ideal Development Combination (HTML)
Learn why MySQL running on Mac OS X is such a natural combination.
Open Source 2006-05-01
Building an Open Source Universal Binary (HTML)
Learn to build a universal binary through this sample build that uses OpenSSL.
Darwin, Open Source 2006-04-24
Delivering Content with RSS for Web Developers on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how to provide content through RSS in your application or on your website.
Internet & Web 2006-04-04
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Leopard Technology Overview (HTML)
Learn how to get ready for Leopard.
Mac OS X 2006-03-27
Building a JNI Universal Application with Xcode (HTML)
Learn to add Mac OS X features into your Java application using JNI and Xcode.
Internet & Web, Java, Tools 2006-03-20
Taking Advantage of PDF Kit in Your Cocoa Application (HTML)
Learn to handle PDF documents in your Cocoa application without writing a lot of custom code.
Cocoa, Graphics & Imaging 2006-02-20
Working with Quartz Composer (HTML)
Learn to build a sample composition without having to write code.
Apple Applications, Carbon, Cocoa, Graphics & Imaging 2006-02-13
Optimizing Your Application with System Trace in Shark 4 (HTML)
See how your code interacts with Mac OS X using the power of Shark.
Performance, Tools 2006-01-30
Using the Audio Extraction API in QuickTime 7 (HTML)
Learn how your application can extract audio from multiple sound tracks in a QuickTime movie.
Audio, QuickTime 2005-12-19
Working with Xcode Build Settings (HTML)
Learn how to customize your build process intuitively to help you manage complex project settings.
Tools 2005-12-12
Moving Your Project from CodeWarrior to Xcode (HTML)
Get started moving your project from CodeWarrior to Xcode.
Carbon, Porting, Tools 2005-11-28
Getting Control with Subversion and Xcode (HTML)
Learn how to install and set up Subversion on Mac OS X Server.
Tools 2005-11-08
The Sound of Opportunity Knocking: The Audio Units Community Takes Off (HTML)
Learn how one developer created a successful business using audio units.
Audio, Carbon, Cocoa 2005-10-31
Designing Network-Friendly Applications (HTML)
Learn to make your application management-aware and reliably accessible on a network.
Carbon, Cocoa, Core Foundation, Internet & Web 2005-10-24
Understanding Xcode Projects (HTML)
Learn how Xcode handles projects and how best to work with them.
Tools 2005-10-10
Taking Advantage of the Accelerate Framework (HTML)
Learn how your application can run on PowerPC- or Intel-based Macs without processor-specific customization.
Audio, Carbon, Cocoa, Graphics & Imaging, Performance 2005-10-03
Scoping Your Transition Projects (HTML)
Learn how to transition to Intel-based Macs.
Carbon, Cocoa, Porting 2005-09-27
Scripting the COM/ActiveX Control in QuickTime 7 for Windows (HTML)
Learn to build standalone Windows applications that use QuickTime, without needing to master the API.
QuickTime, Scripting & Automation 2005-09-12
Adopting Universal Binaries on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn about universal binaries and how to get your applications ready for Intel-based Macs.
Carbon, Cocoa, Porting 2005-08-26
Working with Xcode: Building Applications for the Future (HTML)
Learn how to build universal binaries using Xcode.
Tools 2005-08-26
Getting Started with launchd (HTML)
Learn about launchd and see how to migrate your configuration files.
Darwin, Mac OS X Server 2005-08-22
Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python (HTML)
Learn how to build a sample Cocoa app using the Cocoa-Python bridge PyOjbC.
Cocoa, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2005-08-15
Installing the W3C HTML Validator on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn to create your own validator to test web pages within your firewall.
Internet & Web, Open Source 2005-08-09
Introduction to Open Source Scripting on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn your scripting options for automating a wide range of tasks quickly.
Open Source, Scripting & Automation, Tools 2005-08-01
Using Automator to Expand the Market for Your Software (HTML)
Learn how building Automator actions and workflows can create new sales opportunities.
Apple Applications, Scripting & Automation 2005-07-19
Simplifying Data Handling with Uniform Type Identifiers (HTML)
Learn to use UTIs to take advantage of key Mac OS X technologies in your application.
Carbon, Cocoa 2005-07-12
Porting Multithreaded Applications from Win32 to Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how Mac OS X handles multithreading, before porting your Win32 application.
Carbon, Cocoa, Performance, Porting 2005-06-20
Installing Your Application on Mac OS X: Guidelines for Developers (HTML)
Get tips for making the installation process easier for you and your customers.
Games, Tools, User Experience 2005-06-13
Creating an Application with Tiger Technologies (HTML)
Learn how to build an application using key technologies in Tiger.
Mac OS X 2005-06-06
Integrating Sync Services into Your Application (HTML)
Learn how to sync any kind of data in your application using Sync Services.
Apple Applications, Cocoa, Internet & Web 2005-06-06
Developing for Java with NetBeans 4.1 on Mac OS X (HTML)
Get started building Java applications on Mac OS X using this popular open source IDE.
Java, Tools 2005-05-16
Exploring Tiger Server (HTML)
Explore Tiger Server technologies such as Xgrid, 64-bit support, and access control lists.
Mac OS X Server 2005-04-29
Creating Cross-Platform Applications with Core Foundation and Open Source (HTML)
Learn how to import and export data types across a range of platforms using CF-Lite.
Core Foundation, Open Source, Porting 2005-04-11
Tiger Developer Overview Series: Developing with Core Data (HTML)
Learn to use Core Data to define your application's data model graphically.
Cocoa 2005-04-04
Test Driving Your Code with OCUnit (HTML)
Learn to unit-test your application to improve its quality and refine the design.
Tools 2005-03-28
Optimizing OpenGL Data Throughput on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how to optimize your OpenGL code to maximize vertex data throughput.
Graphics & Imaging 2005-03-21
Tiger Developer Overview Series: Developing with Core Image (HTML)
Learn how Core Image can help you take your graphics development to the next level.
Carbon, Cocoa, Games, Graphics & Imaging 2005-03-09
Developing Java Applications on Mac OS X with Eclipse (HTML)
Learn from this hands-on article how to work with Eclipse on Mac OS X.
Internet & Web, Java, Tools 2005-02-28
Accessing SQL Data in Apple Remote Desktop 2 (HTML)
Learn how to access the PostgreSQL database to help create custom applications.
Mac OS X Server, Networking, Open Source 2005-02-21
Introduction to MPI Distributed Programming on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how to create tightly coupled, distributed algorithms to run on multiple computers using MPI.
Mac OS X Server, Open Source, Performance 2005-02-14
Tiger Developer Overview Series: Working with Xcode 2.0 (HTML)
Learn about Apple's IDE for Tiger, to build powerful applications more quickly.
Tools 2005-02-07
Turn up the Volume with Audio Units (HTML)
Learn to build a sample volume unit, test it, and integrate it into GarageBand.
Audio, Carbon, Cocoa 2005-01-31
Using the .Mac SDK (HTML)
Learn how the .Mac SDK can enhance your application with powerful web-integration features.
Cocoa, Internet & Web 2005-01-25
Configuring and Running X11 Applications on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn to set up and use X11 applications on your Mac OS X system.
Internet & Web, Mac OS X Server, Networking, Open Source 2005-01-17
Tiger Developer Overview Series: Working with Automator (HTML)
Learn how to create actions and workflows for your application using Automator.
Apple Applications 2005-01-12
Tiger Developer Overview Series: Developing 64-bit Applications (HTML)
Learn how Mac OS X Tiger breaks the limitations of 32-bit computing.
Darwin, Open Source, Performance, Porting 2004-12-20
Tiger Developer Overview Series: Developing Dashboard Widgets (HTML)
Learn how to create powerful mini-applications quickly and easily.
Apple Applications, Cocoa, Internet & Web, Scripting & Automation, User Experience 2004-12-07
Using Oracle JDeveloper on Mac OS (HTML)
This article introduces you to JDeveloper 10g and includes a tutorial for building a simple application.
Internet & Web, Tools 2004-12-06
Using Sun Java Studio Creator 2 on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn to use the tool that provides visual access to databases and web services.
Internet & Web, Java, Tools 2004-11-15
Optimizing Your Applications with Shark 4 (HTML)
Learn how using Shark 4 can help you dramatically improve performance in your application.
Performance, Tools 2004-11-08
Tiger Develop Overview Series: Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger (HTML)
Learn about Tiger's features, programming interfaces, and frameworks.
Mac OS X 2004-10-19
Tiger Develop Overview Series: Working with Spotlight (HTML)
Learn to make the most of Spotlight's powerful search technologies within your own applications.
Carbon, Cocoa, Core Foundation 2004-10-07
Using Open Source Tools to Filter Email on Mac OS X Server (HTML)
Learn how to identify, filter, and remove viruses from the Postfix mail server.
Internet & Web, Mac OS X Server, Networking, Open Source, Security 2004-09-27
Writing Open Directory Plug-ins (HTML)
Learn how to write Open Directory plug-ins to help your application locate and manage network information.
Darwin, Mac OS X Server, Networking, Open Source 2004-09-13
Developing Cross-Platform UNIX Applications with Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn tips for developing code on Mac OS X for deployment on other UNIX platforms.
Darwin 2004-08-30
Cocoa and AppleScript: From Top to Bottom (HTML)
Learn how to activate AppleScript in your application so that users can create scripts.
Cocoa, Scripting & Automation 2004-08-23
Carbon Pasteboards: Enhanced Data Sharing (HTML)
Learn how to add Clipboard support to your application, including copy and paste and drag and drop.
Carbon 2004-08-16
Universal Access: Computers That Everyone Can Use (HTML)
Learn how to make your applications usable by everyone, including those with disabilities.
Carbon, Cocoa, User Experience 2004-08-02
Installing the W3C HTML Validator on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how to create your own validator to test webpages within your firewall.
Internet & Web 2004-07-19
The GNU Compiler Collection on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn about the open-source tools GCC and GDB, and enhancements specific to Mac OS X.
Tools 2004-07-12
The Benefits of HIToolbox: the Evolving Widget Set (HTML)
Learn how to get started working with HIView control types.
Carbon 2004-06-14
Eclipse and Mac OS X: a Natural Combination (HTML)
Learn about the Eclipse IDE on Mac OS X and how to get started using it.
Internet & Web, Java, Tools 2004-06-07
Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object (HTML)
Learn how to use the XMLHttpRequest object to work with XML data for web content.
Internet & Web 2004-05-12
Binding your Preferences in Cocoa (HTML)
Learn to use bindings by creating a simple app.
Cocoa 2004-04-26
Xgrid: High Performance Computing for the Rest of Us (HTML)
Learn how mathematicians and scientists are making the most of Xgrid's power and easy setup.
Mac OS X Server, Performance 2004-03-29
Using the Web Kit for Application Registration (HTML)
Learn how to use the Web Kit to handle your application's online registration.
Carbon, Cocoa, Internet & Web, User Experience 2004-03-09
Fighting Spam on Mac OS X Server (HTML)
Learn how to filter out spam before it gets to your users.
Mac OS X Server 2004-02-09
OpenGL Tools for Serious Graphics Development (HTML)
Learn how Apple's best-of-breed OpenGL tools help developers locate, analyze, and debug graphics bottlenecks.
Graphics & Imaging, Tools 2004-02-02
Optimizing with Shark: Big Payoff, Small Effort (HTML)
Learn to improve your application's performance by sampling a real application using Shark.
Performance, Tools 2004-01-19
Creating Secure Transactions on Mac OS X Server with SSL (HTML)
Learn how to provide a layer of public-key encryption over any TCP connection.
Mac OS X Server, Networking, Security 2004-01-12
Web Page Development: Best Practices (HTML)
Learn how to design, modify, and validate your website to work properly in all major browsers.
Internet & Web 2003-12-15
Customer-focused Software Design: Marratech Turns a Java App into a Mac App (HTML)
Learn how Marratech used the Apple Developer Connection to help port its Java-based application.
Internet & Web, Java, Porting 2003-11-10
Optimizing for the Power Mac G5 (HTML)
Learn how to optimize your code for the Power Mac G5.
Performance 2003-10-24
Switching from Code Warrior to Xcode (HTML)
Learn how to import your projects from CodeWarrior.
Carbon, Porting, Tools 2003-10-24
Safari FAQ (HTML)
Learn how the Safari browser handles such things as user information, cookies, caching, and JavaScript.
Apple Applications, Internet & Web, Open Source 2003-10-06
Using Xserve for a Small Business LAN (HTML)
Learn how to host your business LAN on Xserve.
Mac OS X Server 2003-09-30
Optimizing an Xserve for Web Hosting (HTML)
Learn how to configure and optimize an Xserve to ensure fast, robust web hosting.
Internet & Web, Mac OS X Server, Networking 2003-08-06
Server-Side Java with the Struts Framework on Mac OS X (HTML)
Learn how to combine such things as Servlets, JSP, and custom Struts tag libraries using Struts.
Internet & Web, Java, Tools 2003-07-17
Maximizing Mac OS X Application Performance (HTML)
Learn how to achieve better performance on Mac OS X.
Carbon, Cocoa, Graphics & Imaging, Performance, Tools 2003-06-23