Suppressing the "unexpectedly quit" alert

Q: How can I suppress the "The application <application> has unexpectedly quit" alert?

A: You can suppress this alert by modifying CrashReporter's modes of operation. CrashReporter has three modes of operation: Basic, Developer, and Server. See Technical Note TN2123 CrashReporter for a description of these modes. Use the CrashReporterPrefs or Terminal application to change these modes of operation.

Note: Prior to Mac OS X 10.4, the Basic, Developer, and Server modes were respectively known as prompt, crashreport, and none.

  • CrashReporterPrefs - This application was introduced with Mac OS X 10.4 (Xcode 2.0). It is part of the developer tools (/Developer/Applications/Utilities/ Launch CrashReporterPrefs to select a mode of operation.

  • Terminal - Type the following command in the Terminal window to choose a mode of operation :

    defaults write DialogType <mode>

    where <mode> represents one of the three operating modes.

    Once modified, DialogType will be written to ~/Library/Preferences/

Use the CFPreferencesSetAppValue function to programmatically modify CrashReporter's modes of operation. See Listing 1 for an example of programmatically suppressing the "The application <application> has unexpectedly quit" alert; this example sets DialogType to Developer.

Listing 1: Programmatically suppressing the alert dialog.

CFStringRef key = CFSTR("DialogType");
CFStringRef value = CFSTR("Developer");
CFStringRef appID = CFSTR("");

CFPreferencesSetAppValue(key, value, appID);

Note: You can only suppress the "The application <application> has unexpectedly quit" alert for applications that are launched after DialogType is set. Hence, you should close any running applications before modifying DialogType or restart them after modifying it.

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