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Text Mask Mode and QuickDraw

Q: The "Text Mask Mode" section on p. 3-26 of Inside Macintosh: Text describes a constant "mask" which is supposed to allow one to apply only the glyph portion of the font to the destination. This constant seems to be missing from Universal Interfaces 3.1. Why?

A: The value for the "mask" constant can be found in the Macintosh Toolbox Assistant. Unfortunately, it is defined as 64, which collides with the value for ditherCopy. After some investigations, it has been determined that the "mask" constant has limited support in recent versions of the Mac OS. Therefore, with the release of Mac OS 8.5, Apple will no longer support the "mask" mode. We recommend that any developer who requires the "mask" mode functionality use an offscreen with BitmapToRegion() and CopyBits() instead.

[Sep 07 1998]

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