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Region Structure

Q: In the section on Regions of Inside Macintosh:Imaging With QuickDraw, p.2-28 and 2-29, it says: "Region data is stored in a proprietary format." My company is developing a 3D graphics accelerator card and we may need to know about the format of a Region in order to do accelerated clipping as Regions are used for clipping by RAVE. Is it possible for us the get the format of a Region? If so, where can we find this information or what would be involved in licensing its use?

A: Yes, the region structure is proprietary, and therefore is not publicly available. You may want to contact Apple Software Licensing (SW.LICENSE on AppleLink, or phone: 512 - 919-2645). You could also talk with your evangelist contact about this.

[Apr 08 1996]

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