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Leopard Reference Library: Carbon
Scriptable Carbon applications can be controlled by AppleScript scripts. By executing AppleScript scripts or sending Apple events, Carbon applications can also control other AppleScript-scriptable applications.

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AppleScript Language Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Defines the AppleScript scripting language. Includes many brief sample scripts.
Guides 2008-03-11
Apple Events Programming Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Provides conceptual information and programming examples for working with Apple events.
Guides 2007-10-31
AppleScript Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the technology for writing scripts to control applications. Useful for scripters and application developers.
Guides 2007-10-31
AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the scripting terminology for AppleScript Studio, through version 1.4.
Reference 2007-10-31
Apple Event Manager Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the C API for interapplication communication using Apple events.
Reference 2007-07-13
Open Scripting Architecture Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the API for compiling and executing scripts in applications and writing scripting components.
Reference 2007-05-07
SampleCMPlugIn (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
A contextual menu plugIn for Mac OS X.
Sample Code 2006-10-09
AppleScript Terminology and Apple Event Codes Reference (HTML)
Lists terms used in AppleScript, AppleScript Studio, and Standard Additions with their matching codes.
Release Notes 2006-06-28
XML-RPC and SOAP Programming Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to make remote procedure calls from applications or from AppleScript scripts.
Guides 2005-03-03
Scripting Interface Guidelines (HTML)
TN2106: Directions for providing a clean and consistent scripting interface for your application.
Technical Notes 2004-03-01