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Leopard Release Notes
Internationalization is the process of designing software to accommodate multiple locales and creating user-interface content that is easy to localize. The Cocoa frameworks in Mac OS X do much of the internationalization work of developers for them. Mac OS X services in Carbon, Cocoa, and Core Foundation help developers internationalize their software and manage locales in a consistent manner.

A guided introduction to internationalizing software for Mac OS X.   Essential information for developers designing software for multiple locales.  
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Carbon Core Release Notes (HTML)
Carbon, Unicode 2007-10-31
Foundation Release Notes (HTML)
Describes new features, notes, and known issues for the Foundation framework in Mac OS X v10.5.
Cocoa 2007-10-31
Input Method Kit Reference Update (HTML) (PDF)
Summarizes the symbols added to the Input Method Kit framework.
Cocoa 2007-07-18
Input Method Kit Release Note (HTML)
Describes an Objective-C framework for building input methods for Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.
Cocoa 2007-07-17
Application Kit Release Notes (10.4 and Earlier) (HTML)
Cocoa 2006-07-17