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Version: 1.0

Posted: 2003-01-14

Build Requirements: N/A

Runtime Requirements: Carbon

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Download Sample (“”, 67.5K)
Download Sample (“AIFFWriter.dmg”, 133.3K)


This sample code has been updated for QuickTime 5.0 AIFFWriter is a sample sound output device component; that is, it is a sound component that takes input data from the Apple Mixer component and sends output data to a sound output device. This sample code is useful if you want to support a new sound output device, since it shows how to manage the link between the Apple Mixer component and your custom sound-producing hardware. 68k or PowerPC (or newer) machines running System 8.5 or later. PC with Intel Pentium or compatible processor. QuickTime 4.0 or later. CodeWarrior Pro 2 or later or Visual C++ 5.0 or later.

Document Revision History

Date Notes
2003-01-14A Sound Manager sound output device component.

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