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Package com.webobjects.eoaccess

Changed Classes and Interfaces
EOAccessGenericFaultHandler EOAccessGenericFaultHandler is an abstract class that helps an EOAccessFault to fire by fetching data using an EODatabaseContext.
EOAdaptorChannel.Delegate EOAdaptorChannel invokes its delegate for nearly every operation that would affect data in the database server.
EOAdaptorContext.Delegate EOAdaptorContext invokes its delegate any time a transaction is begun committed or rolled back.
EODatabaseContext EODatabaseContext is the basic EOObjectStore for the EOAccess Framework.
EODatabaseDataSource EODatabaseDataSource is a concrete subclass of EODataSource defined in EOControl.
EOEntityClassDescription EOEntityClassDescription is a subclass of the control layer's EOClassDescription.
EOModelGroup.Delegate This interface defines a delegate to EOModelGroup to allow instances to modify how the model group finds and loads models.
EOSQLQualifier EOSQLQualifier contains unstructured text that can be transformed into a SQL expression.
EOUtilities This class is a collection of convenience methods intended to make common operations with EOF easier.