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Targeting DebuggingCarbonLib asserts

Q: When I replace CarbonLib with DebuggingCarbonLib in my extensions folder and reboot I get all the asserts for all Carbon applications that run on my machine. Is there any way to only get the asserts for the application that I'm debugging?

A: Yes; First reboot with the non-debugging CarbonLib in your extensions folder. Now change DebuggingCarbonLib's file type to 'shlb' so CFM thinks it's a shared library and then put it into the same folder as the Carbon application that you want to debug. Now when CFM launches this application it will load and link to the DebuggingCarbonLib shared library in your application's folder instead of connecting to the non-debugging CarbonLib in your extensions folder - only your application will generate the DebuggingCarbonLib asserts.

CarbonLib verifies at runtime that the same CarbonLib version installed at system startup time is the same as the version of the CarbonLib being used at runtime. Since the technique described in this Technical Q&A uses two different CarbonLibs, it is the developer's responsibility to verify that the version number for the debugging version of CarbonLib they are using is the same as the version number of the CarbonLib installed at system startup time.

[May 04 2001]

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